Mcconkey Agar Hemedia 500G

Marine Agar - 500G

MED1646 500G
EUR 371.25

Himedia Agar Laboratories manufactures the mcconkey agar hemedia 500g reagents distributed by Genprice. The Mcconkey Agar Hemedia 500G reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact himedia agar. Other Mcconkey products are available in stock. Specificity: Mcconkey Category: Agar Group: Hemedia 500G

Yersinia Selective Agar - 500G

EUR 101.25

LB Agar (Miller) Mix, 500g

EUR 92.13
Description: High Salt, Powder Premix

Chromogenic Coliform Agar (CCA) - 500G

EUR 549.45

MEI AGAR- 100G 500G,1KG

10 kg
EUR 2077.2

MEI AGAR- 100G 500G,1KG

2 Kg
EUR 1156.8

MEI AGAR- 100G 500G,1KG

500 g
EUR 296.4

HydraAgar? Agar, Bacteriological Grade, 500g

EUR 204

Hemedia 500G information

AGAROSE 25G-125G -500G

A01-118-10kg 10 kg Ask for price

AGAROSE 25G-125G -500G

A01-118-2kg 2kg Ask for price

AGAROSE 25G-125G -500G

A01-118-500g 500 g
EUR 592.8

MetaPhor Agarose 500g

LO50184 each
EUR 2593.07

SeaKem LE Agarose 500g

LO50004 each
EUR 968.3

SeaKem ME Agarose 500g

LO50014 each
EUR 1552.68

SeaKem GTG Agarose 500g

LO50074 each
EUR 1618.25

NuSieve GTG Agarose 500g

LO50084 each
EUR 2763.88

NuSieve 3:1 Agarose 500g

LO50094 each
EUR 2301.52

HyAgarose? 3:1 Agarose, 500g

R901231-500g each
EUR 1369.2

Agarose, Molecular Biology Grade, 500g

PC0701-500g each Ask for price

HyAgarose? HR Agarose, PCR Grade, 500g

R9012HR-500g each
EUR 1369.2

500G PPO - 500G

NAT1502 500G
EUR 959.85

HyAgarose? LM Agarose, Low Melting, 500g

R9012LM-500g each
EUR 1821.6

500G EDTA - 500G

NAT1092 500G
EUR 195.75

Macconkey Agar 500gm

212123 EACH
EUR 129.96

500G Acrylamide - 500G

NAT1016 500G
EUR 330.75